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Children’s RAD Ballet and ISTD Modern, Tap and Performing Arts classes

Join us in our dynamic dance studio in Dordon near Tamworth and see the progress your child could make with lessons at TJH Dance & Fitness

We offer a range of dance lessons for children of all ages and ability levels. Whether your little one wants to develop their ballet and progress through the grades or they want to explore cultural dance in a fun and inclusive environment, TJH Dance & Fitness has the right classes! We teach national syllabi and have a 100% success rate with all our dance pupils and their exams. Information about our dance and performing arts classes is detailed below. Alternatively, please contact us to discuss our available classes.

Ballet Classes

Ballet - a beautiful artistic and technically demanding art form appreciated by audiences globally

Here at TJH Dance & Fitness in Tamworth we follow the syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), the largest dance teaching and examining body in the world. Our classical ballet classes are available for all ages and abilities, and are divided up as follows: 

Nursery Class - available for children from age 2 ½. Nursery ballet classes are fun and are designed to develop each child's ballet technique through music, movement, and imagery. 

Pre-primary and primary ballet - At this stage, children will be beginning to learn to dance in many ways, exploring with movement and building knowledge of some ballet steps along with terminology. Mime and props are again used at this stage to enhance their imagination.

Grade 1, 2 and 3 - From Grade 1 upwards, classes start to get more technical. Incorporated within these levels are Character steps which are simplified dances from Poland, Hungary and Russia. Along with this there is also exercises where the children can express themselves more freely through traveling steps and movements. Most pupils now prepare for the grade examinations, and are actively encouraged to pursue this, though it is not at all compulsory. 

​Higher Grades & Vocational Levels - Please contact us at TJH Dance & Fitness to discuss these classes.

Young girls waiting to perform ballet
Female Dancer

Modern Theatre Dance Classes

A dynamic form of dance showing influence of jazz, lyrical and other styles…

At TJH Dance & Fitness follow the syllabus of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) which is taught and examined throughout the world. By following this syllabus our pupils can work towards exams with confidence. Our modern theatre classes are available for all ages and abilities, and are divided up as follows:

Primary - For children aged 4 1/2 years, our modern theatre dance classes are based around the natural movements of walking, running, skipping and jumping. The syllabus has been carefully designed to introduce this dance style to beginners and is available in the school along with introductory Tap as Mini Movers. 

Grades 1, 2 & 3 - Progressing on from primary are our graded classes. The grade work continues to develop and build the dance style of each student. At this stage, the pupils can find their style and can adapt, enabling them to become disciplined and versatile dancers. 

For more advanced classes please contact the school.

Tap Dance

Founded in the US, now enjoyed worldwide

It's style is defined by the use of beating footwork and travelling movements expressed in rhythmical phrases and patterns. Tap is a fun and energetic dance to learn. 

TJH Dance & Fitness again follows the syllabus from the ISTD and pupils can work towards exams. The early grades focus upon the step technique and the development of rhythm and timing.


Tap is also introduced to our 'Mini Movers' class at TJH Dance & Fitness.

Tap Dance Class
Drama Students

Performing Arts Class

The perfect 'budding actor' class

This class is suitable for aged  8 – 18 years where they will explore their creativity and flare as they develop core acting skills.

These fun weekly classes allow students to experiment with all ranges of theatre, including but not limited to: physical theatre, Shakespeare, improvisation, and devising.

Each term revolves around a particular theme and will allow pupils to learn about stage craft and the process of creating or putting on a play. Whilst allowing a wide age range to mix together and forge unlikely relationships.

Ancient Greek, Romans and Viking Workshops

Inspiring and eye opening workshops

These dance workshops are inspired by and aim to explore the myths and legends of the Ancient Greek, Roman and Viking civilizations and their impact upon todays society. Creative, fun and engaging, these workshops are a great way to explore dance through different avenues. Pupils will deliver a performance at the end of the session to share their learning experience.

Dancers with Tap Shoes
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Zumba Kids and Kids Junior programme

Energetic, fun and full of bounce!

The TJH Dance & Fitness Zumba Kids Programme is a dance fitness programme for key stages 1 and 2. Sessions available are: 

  • Breakfast energiser session

  • Lunch time active session

  • After school club

  • PE Zumba class

All sessions are led by our principal dance and fitness teacher, Tara Veasey-Watts, a qualified, insured coach with advanced DBS disclosure and First Aid certificate.


To discuss your school requirements contact TJH Dance & Fitness in Tamworth today. 

For any more information about our dance classes or our dance studio, please get in touch. Why not visit our Facebook and Instagram to see some of our classes in action and get an idea of what is in-store at TJH Dance & Fitness.

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For dance and fitness classes for all ages and abilities, choose TJH Dance & Fitness in Tamworth.